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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Essential Phrases and Body Language #8

Gesture #8: Minimizing a Compliment
Actual Gesture: With palms facing the person, shaking the hand from side to side

It's Function?: It's meant to increase the politeness by showing that the thing you did for them isn't as great as they're making it out to be, much like a “It was nothing”

Any Associated Phrase?: Yes, and a couple of them are 「いいえ(No, but here, intending something like “It was nothing”)」and 「そんなことないです (Oh, it's not like that at all)」

Anything else?: You can also do this with two hands for emphasis, either one showing modesty and letting the other person you really do appreciate what they did for you or what they said

Phrase #8: ご機嫌きげんよう
Literal Meaning: "Your condition is well"

Intent: Take care, now

Usage: It's much like the phrase 'Aloha', in that in can be as both a greeting and a parting phrase, communicating good and
very formal vibes to the listener in either usage

1. This likely comes from the archaic way to say this phrase 「ご機嫌ようございます」.
2. 機嫌, itself, is a noun discussing someone's mood, with a phrase to express someone is either in a good or bad mood(good mood being 機嫌がいい and bad mood being 機嫌がわるい)

Example: あら、リナさん。ごきげんよう。
(Oh hey, there, Lina. Aloha, to you.)
(Mm, Aloha, there. How's the job treating you?)

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