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Lesson Directory by Title

Lesson 1: Covering the Spoken Word:

Lesson 1.1: Laying Down Some Basics
Lesson 1.2: Reading the Air
Lesson 1.3: Elision
Lesson 1.4: Mora
Lesson 1.5: Reinforcing What You Learn

Lesson 2: Reading the Writing All Around:

Lesson 2.1: Katakana and Hiragana
Lesson 2.2: Loanwords
Lesson 2.3: Dakuten and Handakuten
Lesson 2.4: Youon and Extended Vowels
Lesson 2.5: Sokuon

Lesson 3:Numbers and The Money We Use to Count Them:

Lesson 3.1: Finding Your Way 'Rounds
Lesson 3.2: Being Specific
Lesson 3.3: The Numbers Game: Counting from 1-99 in Japanese
Lesson 3.4: Money, Japan and You
Lesson 3.5: Bigger and Better Things