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The Foundation to Understanding Japanese(Circle in the Square Articles)

1) Through the Open Window: A Manifesto for Approaching Language Study with an Open Mind

2) Global Perception and You: The 4 Initial Stages of Growth in Subject Study
     Phase 1: The Baby Stage
     Phase 2: The Smart Ass Stage
     Phase 3: The Issue Minded Prick Stage
     Phase 4: The Worldly Curmugeon Stage

3) Take a Bow: Understanding How the Bow Works in Japanese Culture

4) Sorry, I Don’t Speak Manglenese: Pronouncing Foreign Terms through Japanese Phonetics 
    Part 1(Intro)
    Part 2(Sounding Out Sounds That Aren't Native to Japanese)
    Part 3(A & U Sounds)  
    Part 4(I, E and O Sounds) 
    Part 5(L & R Sounds)
    Part 6(Germinate Consonants) 
    Part 7(Understanding Romaji)
   Part 8(Understanding and Creating Slang)
   Part 9(X Sounds)
   Part 10(W&Y Sounds)
   Part 11(Closing Thoughts & Thanks)

5) How to Teach Yourself a Language (or anything else, really)
   Part 1(Learning Process & the Preparatory Stage)
   Part 2(Play and Game Stages)
   Part 3(Generalized Others and Stimulation)
   Part 4(Repetition and Chunking)
   Part 5(Scaffolding and Comprehension)
   Part 6(Frustration Management)
   Part 7(The Ophelia Syndrome & Building your Own Learning Method)