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Monday, December 24, 2012

Essential Phrases and Body Language #9

Gesture #9: Showing Agreement with a Statement
Actual Gesture: Slamming the pinky side of a closed fist into an open palm
It's Function?: To express that the person just said something that agrees with your values/logic/etc or makes the point you've been working towards, but perhaps couldn't put it the way the speaker did
Any Associated Phrase?: Yes, and the one most often use with this one is 納得なっとく(Exactly!), which you can also use to discuss the concept of consent
Anything else?: If you rotate your closed hand while it's in the palm, you imitate the gesture of grinding sesame seeds in a mortar and pestle(known in Japan as 胡麻ごまり), which implys that someone is buttering someone up in anticipation of getting something in return, or what some folks would call brown-nosing
Phrase #9: よくできました
Literal Meaning: "You were well up to the task at hand"
Intent: "Good Job!(and similar meanings in translation)"
Usage: To tell someone they did good after they finish a task, in order to let them know how well they did and encouraging them to keep up the good work(which can change in tone, if sarcasm is in the air).
Notes: This also applies when you see the different variations in this phrase, such as 大変たいへんよくできました, which tells then they did very well at something, and the more informal version of this phrase, よくできた(which can also be used as an adverb to show something is solidly built/written/etc).
Example: このスパ? 大変よくできたね! よくできたスパんだ!
(you cooked this spaghetti? You did super awesome at it, man. Really well made Spaghetti!)