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Monday, November 9, 2009

Mission Statement

Welcome to Fresh Leaves, Pale Fruit! 

My name is Koiyuki, and I'll be here to guide you through the complete Japanese experience. These days people discover their second tongue from near endless ways and methods, including the media that helped to make Japanese such an increasing force in the popular forefront. Throughout this blog I hope to introduce you not only to the different ways the language is used, but also the history of the people behind it, both in Japan and around the world (Japanese culture has had quite a presence in the US, Brazil, Germany, among many other countries). In teaching these things, it is my aim to make it as simple and relatable as possible, so you not only learn it, but learn to apply it to your everyday life(including the cultural information many books often neglect to teach in a manner people can grasp outside the class setting, like reading context). I hope to see you come along with me as I explore the language and culture of both the land, and the people of the rising sun. 

PS, the title of this blog in Japanese is 青葉や青い果物(aoba ya aoi kabutsu).
If you can't see the characters, 
the installation portion is covered here.


  1. Uh-oh. Looks like some sentences have been cut off for some reason. Hope to read more soon!

  2. Ah. Excellent intro post! Look forward to many great lessons and surprises. :)